used ems equipment for sale

Used ems equipment for sale

Training with new or used electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices has become more popular during the last years and can be found in many gyms, health, rehabilitation and competitive sport training centers. Athletes use this training method in addition to their training to support a quick growth of muscles. Physiotherapists use EMS with patients to preserve or build up low-lying muscles. Furthermore even health and beauty centers use EMS training machines because the training form also has a positive effect on the body by stimulating connective tissues and metabolism because the electrical stimulation promotes the blood circulation. used ems equipment for sale
There is a wide range of different machines and versions which last from handy tens devices for private use to professional multi functional EMS devices for use in gyms, health centers or physiotherapy practices. Contact us for more information.

  • EMS training suits
  • EMS training accessories like vests, electrodes or belts

If you prefer to train with a professional EMS trainer or in an EMS gym instead of using your own new or used EMS machine, Impulse Studio the right website for you. The platform includes an easy-to-use gym finder which allows you to find a suitable EMS provider in your town quickly. Also find useful information on EMS in the lifestyle blog.

used ems equipment for sale

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