Newave Package

Newave Package

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Newave Package

1 Newave Head
1 Newave Standard Stand
3 Complete Training Suit XXS-XL
3 Armband Set XXS-XL
3 Shoulder Band Set S-L
5 Compress Suit Set S-XXL
1 Connecting Cable
3 Hangers
1 Spray Bottle 1L
1 USB Stick
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Easy-to-manage training

All functions related to the training are available on a single training window. Stimulation intensities can be fine-tuned with the help of 10 channel regulators for the whole body. The stimulation signal can be parameterized to fit various needs. The responsivity of the stimulation system guarantees the safe and highly effective training.

10″ touch screen

Tablet-sized and durable touch screen, easy to use, easy to learn. The clean graphical display provides a trendy and nice look to the users.

Conveniently sized

130 cm (~4,2 ft) tall, 40 cm (~1,3 ft) wide, easy to move it around the studio, plan your training space around it yet you can also carry it to your clients.


Being only 17 kg (~37 lb.) including the Standard Stand, you can easily carry it around, and the shipping is also reasonably priced.


The displayed texts and the virtual keyboard can be customized to support numerous languages. Translations are available for most of the European, American and Asian languages.

Advanced stimulation

The device uses a symmetric bipolar square wave for stimulation. The frequency of the signal can be set between 1-100 Hz which is the most efficient operational range of EMS. The Newave can be used in continuous and burst stimulation modes.

Regular Software Updates

Our Research and Development Team continuously works on delivering improvements that make the use of our device convenient, our softwares, features and services up-to-date, and always at least one step ahead of any competitors.

Easy maintenance

Our devices are designed to excel in making maintenance as effortless as possible. All spare parts are continuously available from our warehouse or at our local distributors.

USB port

With the help of the USB port the Newave is able to provide import and export functionalities for device backups and statistics. The software can also be easily updated by downloading our updater files to a USB stick and plugging it into the machine.

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Wired Training, Full Support!

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