Impulse License

Impulse License


  • USD: 861.31$
excl. shipping/customs/VAT

Monthly Fee: starting from EUR695 per month

Entrance Fee: EUR15,000

Our service for you, as part of the Impulse Studio™ License:

• Enjoy much better purchasing rates for EMS devices via our Impulse License.

• We provide you with proven advertising and marketing campaigns each month (ads, flyers, vouchers, EDMs, PR etc}.

• We include you in our social marketing platforms for Facebook, lnstagram, Youtube, etc. We support you with google ads, FB campaigns and SEOs.

• We integrate you in our worldwide website presence and apps.

• We include you in our partner network sites i.e. EMS Training worldwide online and Sports Associations, etc.

• Stay in touch with all studio information, accessible from smartphone and desktop. The online system is connected to all of the machines, showing you turnover, bookings, trainer and customer data in real time!

• Even easier success with the online customer app.
Booking training sessions, setting personal goals and celebrating achievements. A service that convinces potential customers, motivates existing ones and strengthens their loyalty.

• Impulse Studio™ also offers e-accounting and e-learning service, so the Licensee can totally concentrate on the core business.

• Impulse Studio is a member of the European EMS Trainer Institute and all Impulse Specialists are certified accordingly.

• We provide training courses and respective certifications according to the European EMS Trainer Institute.

• Impulse Studio™ established its own academy to ensure constant high quality SOP and Sales Training in all Impulse Studios.

• We have a strong brand with competence in digital marketing and generating leads.



Set up: The licensor will assist in choosing the best location to open an Impulse Studio”‘, besides assisting in set up operations including designing of the studio.

Training: The licensor will conduct comprehensive training program on how to manage the business operations. Training would be provided to the key personnel
prior to the start of Impulse Studio'” operations. Refresher training will be conducted from time to time.

Supply Provide: The licensor will facilitate licensee cost – effective sourcing
of raw materials and equipment required for Impulse Studio”‘ operations through trusted & reliable suppliers and vendors.

Operating Manual: The licensor will provide a Standard Operating Manual containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the license operations.

Marketing: The licensor will share its experience & knowledge on how to market the Impulse Studio”‘ as a brand to save licensee from costs of experimenting.
Enhancements: The licensee will benefit from ongoing R&D and enchancement and other market development initatives.

Advertising & Promotions: The licensor will organize events specific to marketing & branding of Impulse Studio'” at regional/national level, including participation at events.

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