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The Institute was designed to be a platform for transferring the know-how of 21st century training philosophy to enhance skills and competences of EMS trainers worldwide. Our highly experienced team of educators and consultants go beyond and aim for excellence in competency and dedicated to quality service.

ems trainer institute
ems trainer institute
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Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: know the XBody device; basic exercises in EMS training; handle and maintain the suit; learn EMS training basic rules; contraindications of EMS
Certification: Certification EMS training basics valid for 1 year
Course Material: User manual; Client's consent; contraindication
Requirements: Motivated and responsible skilled people in fitness/sport/health background; first aid certification is beneficial


Duration: 16 hours
Course Content: start training with the XBody device; learn the business concept behind Impulse Studio; learn how to build safe routines for the Impulse exercise; learn sport scientific background and physiological of EMS technology; EMS Technology theory; benefits and contraindications of Impulse Training; training theory background; general protocols: safety, warm up and interval training; introduction to Impulse training nutrition program; Methodology to build routines for the basic exercises in Impulse Training
Certification: Certification Impulse Intermediate level valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual, access to researches
Requirements: Impulse Training basic test passed; general first aid certificate is an advantage; Motivated and responsible skilled professionals; sport/training/phsyio background


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: learn the way to perform and teach advanced exercises; go deeper into sports scientific background with research study material; be ready to design private programs for special needs; sports scientific theory; research articles about EMS Training in different therapeutic treatments; proper modifications of the exercises with clients with physical limitations; advanced exercises with and without additional equipment
Certification: Certification Impulse Training Advanced valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual; access to research materials
Requirements: Completed Intermediate course; more than 250 conducted training sessions on XBody Intermediate Level; sports/health/fitness skilled professional


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: Mastering Impulse Training concepts and achieve professional skills; deeper knowledge of EMS technology; Overview of research articles about EMS Training; Ssuitable communications skills to be a professional Master Trainer; enter into specialization in different goals and fields; developing structured progression plans rooted in exercise science to communication and coaching skills and creating a strategic business plan to maximize your success.
Certification: The Master Trainer Certificate valid for one year, online text and supervised training sessions.
Course Material: Manual; research & teaching material, protocols and case studies
Requirements: Passed Basics and Intermediate and Advanced Level with valid certifications; sports and personal trainer/physio background; excellent communication and coaching skills; work experience of min 2 years in the field of fitness, sport performance or Physio and minimum 1 year with EMS Training!
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