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Because 20 minutes is enough!

equivalent to a 90 minutes gym workout

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Be gentle on your joints!

build muscles without any heavy weights

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High Intensity Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation elicits much more powerful contractions than possible from regular fitness training. That’s why you can only do it for maximum 20 minutes per session. You train 90% of your muscles simultaneously. It’s that intense. And the while you are training with us there will be no stress on your joints. Do it like the pro athletes, your body will be thankful. All these make it much more effective than conventional gym training.


Always with Trainer

A certified Impulse Specialist trains you. At Impulse Studio™, we know your name, your fitness level and your goals. Why train hours in the gym when 20 minutes is enough! Get Fitter Faster with the perfect fitness solution. Your Fitness Trainer only train maximum 2 people at the same time. Every 5th session we take your body measurements to track your fitness success. Please also take care of your diet and food intake.


Quality Workout

Impulse Studio™ is a member of the European EMS Trainers Institute (EETS) and has its own Impulse Academy with highly experienced EMS trainers and consultants. Our Impulse Specialists conduct the training according to EETS and highest safety standards. If you are a Personal Trainer you can get certified by us. We offer Basic to Master Training Courses. Differentiate yourself and become an EMS Specialist.

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Burnt Calories per 20 Minutes XBODY IMPULSE Session (up to 500 Cal)
Burnt Calories after an XBODY IMPULSE Session, next 48h (up to 1,500 Cal)


be Gentle on Joints

You can build your strength fast with our Impulse Fitness Programs. We target directly the type 2 muscles without using heavy weights.


in one EMS Session 500 cal

With our Weight Loss Progam you lose weight fast. You burn up to 500 cal per EMS Session and the next 48h up to 1,500 cal.


get the Fit Feeling

We do a variety of cardio exercise in our Performance Program. You will increase your daily performance in your private and business life.

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XBody Sessions

Reduced Body Fat

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Benefits of Impulse Workouts

You engage 90% of all your muscles at the same time. That’s why Impulse Training is intense and effective!

We do low impact exercises on your joints. The EMS methods targets directly the type 2 muscles without using heavy weights.

EMS workout is an evidence based method to increase human growth hormone levels naturally.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Fitness helps to boost your metabolism. This helps to burn more fat at rest. This happens as more fibres are recruited during an EMS workout. This causes a greater metabolic effect. Impulse exerise also boosts the metabolism of intramuscular fat to fuel the intense contractions it creates.

EMS can if you have injured your knee, your ankle, or another body part. It can maintain muscle tone, decrease muscle spasm. It helps decrease swelling in the affected joint.

You train all your muscles along the spinal column. This will strengthen your upper and lower back.

During the high intensity workouts, the anaerobic system uses the energy stored in the muscles for short bursts of activity. Anaerobic metabolism works without oxygen. The by product is lactic acid.  The athlete enters oxygen debt as lactic acid builds. During the recovery phase heart and lungs work together to pay back this oxygen debt and break down the lactic acid. It is in this phase that the aerobic system is using oxygen to convert stored carbohydrates into energy. The body adapts and burns lactic acid more efficiently during exercise by performing high intensity workouts that produce lactic acid. This means pro athletes can exercise at a higher intensity for a longer period of time before they tired or pain slows them down.

You burn up to 500 cal. in one Impulse Session. The next 48 hours you burn up to 1,500 cal. Get rid of your Body Fat Fast.

A German Study by the University of Bayreuth examined the effect of Electric Muscle Stimulation Workouts. It showed that 75% of those affected achieved by incontinence good to very good effects with pelvic floor EMS workouts. The pelvic floor is strengthened by electrical impulses. Mainly by the stimulation of the adductors and the nerves that supply the pelvic floor muscles.

You get this fit feeling after each session. The fitness workout boost up your whole day with a lot of energy.

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